What is a Financial Agreement?

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What is a Post-separation agreement?

This is a Binding Financial Agreement mentioned above. It is a document that sets out who gets what property and retains the debts. It cannot include the care of the children. Again each party must have independent legal advice to advice you whether the Agreement is fair to you. This is because unlike consent orders, there is no involvement of the Court to determine whether the division of assets is just and equitable.

What is a Binding Child Support Agreement?

A Binding Child Support Agreement is similar to a financial agreement but it only deals with child support and other costs that the parties agree to pay including school fees, after school activities, uniforms and school supplies etc. Once signed, the Agreement then is registered with the Child Support Agency. You also must obtain independent legal advice. These should be entered into with caution as they are very difficult to alter later should your circumstances change in the future.

What is a Spousal maintenance agreement?

A spousal Maintenance agreement again is similar to the other agreements above. It is an agreement for one spouse to pay the other a certain amount of money for a certain period of time. You both also need independent legal advice but these agreements must be entered into with caution. Again circumstances can change such as a period of unemployment or illness.