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Alcohol and Drug issues for Parenting Matters.

Alcohol and Drug issues for Parenting Matters.

What do you do if you know or suspect that the other parent is using illegal drugs or using alcohol to excess?

If you are in the Family Court System, you can always seek an order that the parent undergo chain of custody urine tests.  These tests are supervised and they will show if the person has used drugs.

There are other tests available that will show whether a person drinks alcohol to excess.

If you are not in the Court System, you can always request a test of this kind but it is only likely to be agreed to if the person is confident that the test will be negative.

If you thing that the other person is indeed using drugs then you may have no option but to file an application with the court and seek orders that they undergo testing and maybe consider that the children should live with you until the other parent returns a few clean results.

Children can accidentally ingest drugs or they can be neglected if the parent is high.  They can also be exposed to violence on some occasions.  It is important to get legal advice if you suspect the other parent is using drugs.

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