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Christmas and children for Divorced Couples

Christmas and children for Divorced Couples

Christmas and children for Divorced Couples.

Family Lawyers usually see an upswing in disagreements between parents if they have no arrangements in place for the children for the holiday season.  In an ideal world, parents should decide together with the children’s best interests at heart.

The most common arrangement we see is the alternate arrangement whereby one parent spends time with the children from Christmas Eve to sometime Christmas Day and the other parent spends time with the children from Christmas Day until Boxing Day.  This then alternates each year.  That way each parent can spend time with the children for part of the day.

Some parents agree to alternate the entire holiday but this is less common.  New Year’s Eve is often alternated each year as well.

What about the School holidays?

Some parents spend a block of time with the children each holidays such as the first half alternating with the second half each year.  Some parents spend a week about if they are already in that arrangement.  It is always a difficult time to get annual leave for parents so vacation care can be the answer or offer the other parent more time should you have to work.  However, you can decide who cares for the children unless there are specific obligations in the agreement that you have reached between you.  If there is no agreement then mediation should be arranged many months prior to the holidays as these services can have long waiting lists.  Remember a mediator does not give legal advice but attempts to assist the parties reach an agreement that is in the best interest of the children.

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