How can a Family Lawyer help me?

How can a Family Lawyer help me?

What can a Family Lawyer do for me?

First and foremost the job of a Family Lawyer is to provide information and advice relating to your own individual circumstances.

A Family Lawyer will –

  • Assist you with an overview of how agreement is reached regarding property settlement, children’s orders and divorce.
  • Assist to negotiate a settlement that is fair to all parties involved;
  • Prepare the necessary documents in order to formally bind your Agreement in the Court.


What happens at my initial consultation?

You will have an hour to discuss your situation and any concerns you may have.  Your Family Lawyer will then provide you with some general advice regarding how your property is likely to be adjusted by the Court should agreement not be reached or if an agreement that you have reached will be acceptable to the Court.

How much will my first consultation cost?

At Brazel Moore Family Lawyers we have an initial consultation fee of $275.00 inclusive of GST.  This allows you one our to find out where you stand.

How can I make contact?

You can call our office on 4324 7699, email us at or make an enquiry via our website at

We also have a Facebook page where you can inbox us.

What happens if I want you to represent me?

Once you advise us that you would like our help, we will issue you with our Client Service Agreement which sets out our fees and charges.  We are transparent with our costs so that you will know where you stand during your entirity of your matter.

If you have a Family Law Matter, call Amelia Cox, Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer and Mediator on 4324 7699.

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