Making Co-Parenting Easier

At Brazel Moore Family Lawyers we are always encouraging health co-parenting however, it is quite common for clients to present chains of disrespectful emails or text messages with the parents calling each other names and arguing about issues that may have been a null issue had the communication between the parties been better.

There are a range of options now available with apps that can be downloaded on to a phone or ipad to help parents to communicate regularly and be on top of all that is going on with their kids.

Previously separated parents who were unable to communicate effectively would often be advised to use a communication book to keep the other parent up to date. However now there are a lot of applications online which could really assist with taking the heat out of communications and helping parents to focus on the children.

There is a number of mobile phone apps which could assist in the every day running of a separated family with handy features to help with co-parenting.

The apps that we viewed seem to have most of the same features and are certainly worth taking a look at. They include –

  1. A calendar;
    – The calendar can be used to share appointments;
    – Schedule time with each parent;
    – Submit requests for changes.
  2. Message board:
    – Secure messaging between parents;
  3. Expense log:
    – An easy way to track any shared parenting expenses.
  4. Information Bank:
    – Store information in relation to Medications;
    – Details regarding medical appointments and immunisation records;
    – Child’s medical conditions.

Probably our favourite feature of these apps is the Journal. The Journal is a place where co-parents can share updates, milestones, photographs, make memories for their children and most importantly keep in regular contact.

Our top 4 favourite apps to help with co-parenting are –

Keeping communication civil and focused on the children is a key to moving forwards parenting separated but together.

Apps can sometimes be used in an abusive harassing way also. If this happens, manage the contact and communications to limit exposure and do not tolerate abusive communications. Report any abusive, intimidating or threatening communication to the Police or your lawyer.

When using any apps or electronic forms of communication such as email or SMS, before you hit send always ask yourself what would a Judge think if they read this. Don’t forget the records from the apps may one day in future be produced in Court so keep it civil and child focused.

If you are separated and in need of Family Law Legal Advice, call Amelia Cox, Family Lawyer on 4324 7699.

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