Not Coping With Divorce Or Separation?

Not coping with Divorce or Separation

Not Coping With Divorce Or Separation?

If you are not coping with your Divorce or Separation, it is important not to underestimate the need for counselling or support from Professionals.

There are clinical psychologists, counsellors and support groups who specialise in assisting you and your kids through this very difficult time.

The first step is to see your GP who can then advise what kind of services you may need.  There are several options and your GP is the best person equipped to help you find the right one.

If you have suffered domestic violence, a specialised counsellor is probably the best option.  It is important to understand your own situation and sometimes it helps to listen to other people’s experiences who are going through similar things to you.

This is particularly important if the separation has been high in conflict or it came as a shock to you.  A support group may be the best place to start and there are several online forums which may be helpful.

Organisations such as Relationship’s Australia, Uniting Care, Baptist Community Services and Catholic Care all offer courses for the whole family.  They also offer mediation services to assist you and your children to make sense of the changes that are happening to all of you.  It is not an easy time for anyone in the family.

Always remember that there are people out there with experience that may give you comfort and guidance.

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