Important Issues To Consider Following Separation

There Are Some Important Issues To Consider Following Separation! Going through a marriage or relationship breakdown can be a very distressing time and most often our clients find it difficult to think clearly. There are some important issues to consider following separation. It is important to compile details in relation to your relationship, including assets, liabilities …

Family Law Seminar

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Family Law. Do You Need Family Law Advice On – Your legal rights after separation; Getting plenty of time with your kids; How to get time with your grandchildren; Dividing property fairly; Divorce. As part of the Expert Family Lawyers Central Coast 2020 Seminar Series, Amelia Cox, Family Lawyer of Brazel …

Family Law Agreement Can’t Be Reach – Now What?

So You Can’t Reach A Family Law Agreement – What Happens Now? So you and your ex-partner have tried come to an agreement after separation in respect of parenting, property or both but you haven’t been able to do so.  The next question you will more than likely ask it ‘What now?’.  That’s a good …


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