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Estate Planning After
Separation and Divorce

Michelle Meares is able to empathise with you and provide solutions to your individual circumstances. Call Michelle now on 1800 087 934 for your initial family law consultation.

Do I need a new Will after separation?

Your old Will is still valid, however, if you want to exclude your partner or husband from benefiting from the Will you will need to draft a new Will.

How does Divorce affect my current Will?

Any gift in your will made to your former spouse is invalid. So in situations where you have left everything to your former spouse, the gift in your Will becomes a nullity and without a valid default gift, your estate will be distributed in accordance with a government formula that may result in people receiving a share of your estate that you had not intended and causing increased legal costs to your family. It is always advisable to prepare a new Will after separation and divorce.

Where can I get more information?

Geoff Brazel of our Firm presents regular FREE seminars which provide information regarding Estate Planning. Every attendee at the seminar will receive a voucher entitling them to the preparation of a free simple Will. Details of the seminars can be found here.



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