Making Co-Parenting Easier

At Brazel Moore Family Lawyers we are always encouraging health co-parenting however, it is quite common for clients to present chains of disrespectful emails or text messages with the parents calling each other names and arguing about issues that may have been a null issue had the communication between the parties been better. There are […]

Family Law Seminar

Don’t miss our upcoming Family Law. Do you need family law advice on – Your legal rights after separation; Getting plenty of time with your kids; how to get time with your grandchildren; dividing property fairly; Divorce. As part of the Brazel Moore Lawyers 2020 Seminar Series, Michelle Meares, Family Lawyer of Brazel Moore Family […]

Coercive Control is still Domestic Violence

In the 2017–19 NSW Domestic Violence Death Review Report, 99% of domestic violence-related homicides were characterised by coercive control. Research by Professor Evan Stark, the sociologist who developed the concept of coercive control, found 60-80 per cent of women who seek help for abuse have experienced it. In the 2017–19 NSW Domestic Violence Death Review Report, […]

Family Law Agreement Can’t Be Reach – Now What?

So You Can’t Reach A Family Law Agreement – What Happens Now? So you and your ex-partner have tried come to an agreement after separation in respect of parenting, property or both but you haven’t been able to do so.  The next question you will more than likely ask it ‘What now?’.  That’s a good […]

Who is a parent?

The question of who is a parent is what the High Court of Australia was asked to consider when it heard an appeal in April 2019 in the case of Masson v Parsons and Ors. The child was conceived by way of artificial conception in 2006. The sperm donor (the “Appellant”) was a friend of […]

Separation – Simple Step by Step Guide

So you’ve decided to separate. What happens now – Firstly, the decision to separate from a spouse is a huge decision and should not be made lightly.  However, once the decision is made, we would suggest the first steps to take are – Communicate your intention to separate with your spouse; Note down the date […]